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Charter Bus Pricing: Calculating The Cost

charter bus pricing
charter bus pricing charter bus pricing

If you've never planned an excursion in the past, using a charter bus service, you might be curious about how much it would cost you. We at Be Driven understand that you need to know exactly how much the service would cost you in order to determine how much you need to charge the people going on the charter trip. Here is some information that will help you calculate charter bus pricing:

To get a better idea of the per-person cost for a trip, you can divide the total cost of coach charter Boston by 85-90% of the total number of passengers that the coach can accommodate.

So if you charter a bus with a 56-passenger capacity for $900, divide that amount by 50 (which is approximately 90% of the total capacity of the bus). In this case, the total cost per person would work out to $18. If the number of passengers is more than 50, the per person cost would reduce. You also have the option to charge a higher amount per person and use the excess to purchase drinks and food for the trip as well.

Some Aspects To Keep In View

While conducting research on the different types of charter buses and the cost, it’s a good idea to take into account the destination, the duration you need the bus for, the age range of the people traveling, etc.:

  • For example, if you are opting for a coach charter Boston for professionals traveling for a convention, you might want to ensure that the bus has amenities such as Wi-Fi access. In this case, the type of amenities of the bus has would also have an impact on the charter bus pricing and this is something you need to keep in view.
  • If the bus is required for transporting a group of youngsters to a big game, you may want to ask the company whether they permit food and alcoholic beverages on board. While many companies permit food & drink in their coaches, they may ask for a fully-refundable deposit from you.

As one of the best transportation companies in Boston, we offer reliable and cost-efficient coach charter Boston for business or individual clients. For more information, simply fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you require an immediate response, give Be Driven a call at 1 800 233 7483.

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