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How Employee Shuttle Improves Productivity

employee shuttle
employee shuttle employee shuttle

An employee who's happy and completely stress-free is more efficient and productive. Once your organization expands and taps into a new and diverse group of talent, it's crucial that you give them space and find a few additional ways to help them focus on their tasks. We at Be Driven offer excellent employee shuttle services to companies of all sizes.

Consider An Employee Shuttle Program

Things like finding the perfect parking spot or waiting to catch an evening train, can disrupt their concentration and affect their work. An employee shuttle program is an excellent solution to provide your team with better traveling experience. This ensures they can give their best while completing their day to day tasks. Many people wonder how an easier commute option can increase employee productivity.

The Benefits Of Having An Employee Shuttle

  • People who drive to work in peak-time traffic know exactly how stressful and tiring it is. If you’re not driving, your time can be spent doing something productive. You can check your emails, plan out your entire day, or even listen to some music and relax. When your employees use a shuttle service, it ensures they walk in fresh, rather than exhausted, and this improves their productivity.
  • Even though public transportation is a cost-effective commute option, the changes in time and modes of transportation can stress out employees before they get to work. It can have a severe impact on their ability to perform effectively. By implementing an employee shuttle program, you are make traveling easy for your employees.

From their perspective, this stress-free transportation service saves them both a considerable amount of time and money. Most shuttles have Wi-Fi, which allows them to start their work before entering the building, which boosts their productivity levels.  

Other Advantages

A well-executed shuttle service is a bonus for your employees. It attracts top talent and helps you gain employee loyalty as well. Besides, this is an eco-friendly solution as well. An employee shuttle can carry around 20 people, which means there are 20 cars less on the road. A shuttle service consumes less fuel, results in less pollution, and requires only a few parking spots.

Along with all these advantages, you also get certain tax and compliance benefits and cost savings. For more information about Be Driven’s employee shuttle services fill in this contact us form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you require an immediate response, give us a call at 1800 233 7483. We’ll be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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