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Reliable Private Medical Transportation in Boston

You can’t always drive up to the doctor when you’re feeling unwell. It’s not a good idea to drive when you’re feeling ill, even if you think you can handle it. There’s always a risk of accidents if you do. In such cases, you might need a safe and reliable way to get to the doctor on time and without stress.

One way to do it is by hiring private doctor’s appointment transportation. At Be Driven, we believe that people who’re ill need someone to drive them to and from the doctor’s appointment. While most people would ask their friends or relatives to help them out, that’s not always possible.


Safe and Reliable Transport for Your Children

Today, with the growing population of special needs and homeless students the school districts in cities and towns throughout Greater Boston contract with North Shore Shuttle BeDriven® for their years of experience as student transportation professionals. BeDriven® gives parents piece of mind when it comes to the safe and timely 7D and school bus transportation of their children.


Tackling the Traffic on the South Boston Waterfront

The South Boston Waterfront has experienced unprecedented growth over recent years. The area now has about 10,800 people, and employs about 35,500 workers. Needless to say, there are a large number of people commuting to and from this area every day. Unfortunately, that has led to massive gridlock daily.  Employee and residential commuter shuttles connecting the North Shore and the city are in demand.

At BeDriven®, we’ve observed that there are several bottlenecks that contribute to the traffic congestion. One of the sure fire ways to ease the problem is to get individual cars off the road. That can be achieved Boston shuttle services connecting you to the city.


What’s New @ SSU


September 15:  Gina Walker of BeDriven®, also known as North Shore Shuttle, will be on campus from 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.  They will be located in the middle level of the Commons Cafeteria outside of IDS to meet and greet visitors. Stop by to pick-up some literature about BeDriven® and receive a free gift.


Transportation of School Age Youth in Massachusetts

The information in this resource is derived from the Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV)’s Guide to School Pupil Transport Vehicles. For more information, download this manual at

What are 7D vehicles?

Massachusetts General Laws regulate certain types of transportation of youth. Section 7D of Chapter 90 of the General Laws – called “7D” colloquially – regulates “school pupils” who are transported in vehicles other than school buses on “fixed routes” for the “pupil’s school year.” These vehicles are usually vans and station wagons and are restricted to carry no more than 8 passengers. The vehicles must be registered and must meet 7D standards. (Refer to: M.G.L.c.90. Sec.7D.)

Who is a school pupil?

MA law defines a “school pupil” as any person enrolled in any school, kindergarten through grade twelve, or enrolled for daycare services, or in any program for children with special needs as defined in M.G.L. c.71, Sec.1, or in any organized day or summer camp program or any activity supported by the school.

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