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Fenway Park: A Quick Insight

Almost every visitor to Boston makes it a point to visit Fenway Park. If you are a baseball fan, this is one place and you need to have on your ‘places to visit’ list while on your trip to Boston. This centrally located park isn’t difficult to access and using Be DrivensFenway Park Shuttle is one of the best ways to get there.  Here is a quick insight into Fenway Park:


Tips for Choosing the Right Coach Charter Service

When people are looking for a coach charter service Boston, cost becomes one of the major factors to take into consideration while making a choice. We at Be Driven offer very competitively priced services, but also encourage our clients to look beyond just the cost involved.


Benefits of Hiring Private Busing Services

If you’re responsible for ensuring that a large group of people is transported efficiently and safely to an event, it will require a significant amount of planning. One of the very first things you’d need to do is identify what the best mode of transport would be. Hiring multiple cars isn’t feasible and it’s better to find a larger vehicle that would accommodate up to 30 or more passengers.


Vacation Time! Road Trip Ideas from Boston

Road trips are an excellent way to spend some free vacation time. These trips are more about the journey than the destination, which makes them stand apart for other vacation plans. A well-planned trip is satisfying and thrilling; you can explore off-beaten paths, enjoy the different scenery along the road, and travel in leisure.

At Be Driven, we believe road trips aren’t just for people who love to drive, but also for those who can’t or don’t want to drive. By hiring a tour bus rental Boston, you can enjoy the full road-trip experience without having to focus on driving a car. Here are some great ideas if you’re looking to travel out of Boston:

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