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Safe and Secure Youth Transportation

Today’s parents are acutely aware that their children need to be protected. In Boston, kids need to travel several miles to get to their school. Naturally, parents are very careful about securing safe transport for their children. There are many who would rather just drive their kids to school, unwilling to take the risk.

We at Be Driven, have come to realize that most parents are unaware of the stringent rules in place for the protection of their children. Here’s a brief introduction of youth transportation rules put in place by the Massachusetts State government.


Why it’s Vital to Provide Independent Transportation for the Elderly

People lose their ability to drive safely when they age. This can be attributed to many causes, including vision problems or diminishing motor skills. Today, about 8.4 million senior citizens are dependent on others for transportation. In a matter of years, this number will double. In 15 years, by 2030, the elderly population dependant on others to drive them would be about 4 to 5 times of what it is today.


Be Driven Around During a Family Vacation

When you’re traveling to a new place, trying to navigate the streets, looking for specific buildings or monuments isn’t easy. During a family vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend time pouring over the GPS and scramble around asking for directions. While renting a car seems like a good option at first, you’ll quickly get frustrated. Boston has narrow streets and heavy traffic congestion. A person who’s unfamiliar with the city might quickly become overwhelmed.

So why drive when you can be driven around? Getting family vacation transportation is a great idea. You get a driver who’s familiar with Boston and knows all the tourist attractions and how to get there. We at Be Driven provide an opportunity for you to relax and enjoy your vacation.


There’s a need for Private School Busing Service in Boston

The Boston area has excellent private schools. In fact, a few are considered some of the best schools in the country. Needless to say, there are several students that need to be transported to these schools on a daily basis. Parents rarely have time to drive their children to school. As some of them are outside the district and take longer to reach.

Public school buses are proven to be notoriously unreliable. About 8.5% of them reach schools late. According to reports, some can arrive at school nearly two hours after the morning bell. A parent who’s shelling out thousands of dollars for private school education is hardly willing to ignore this problem.

We at Be Driven provide safe and reliable school busing services. We want to ensure that every student reaches their school on time and doesn’t miss out of quality education.

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