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Facts About College Transportation Services

Almost everyone is forced to drive to various college events, club meets, and outings. This only leads to excess traffic, congestion, and frustration. It’s always a good idea to arrange for alternative group transportation in colleges and universities. This applies not only to the special events, but also to day-to-day travel.

At Be Driven, we believe that it’s environmentally responsible to choose group transportation over driving a car. Here are some facts about college transportation services that make engaging them worthwhile and convenient.


The Best Way to Get to Gillette Stadium from Boston

Whether you’re a Patriots fan, planning to attend a concert, or simply want to shop, heading for the Gillette Stadium is probably on your mind. However, people who have travelled the distance know it’s not as easy to get there as it sounds. In fact, during high profile games and concerts, getting to the stadium can be a nightmare.

Most people will recommend not taking your own car. Sometimes you can get stuck in traffic for hours and that can lead to frustration and ruin your outing. There are several other alternatives available to driving. You can take a Gillette stadium shuttle, for example. At Be Driven, we help you explore all available options.


How to Find The Best Wedding Transportation in Boston

When you’re getting married, you plan everything down to the minutest details. You want everything to be perfect, from the food, the music, and the wedding transportation in Boston. While there are several articles and guides out there that help you arrange the best catering, music, décor, etc, there are very few that tell you how to get the best transportation. We at Be Driven have put together this small guide on the basics of finding the best transportation service.


Fast-Charge, Battery-Electric Transit Bus

Proterra's ( EcoRide BE35 transit bus, called the Ecoliner by Foothill Transit in West Covina, California, is the world’s first heavy duty, fast charge, battery-electric bus. Proterra's ProDrive drive-system uses a UQM motor and regenerative braking that captures 90% of the available energy and returns it to the TerraVolt energy storage system, which in turn increases the total distance the bus can drive by 31-35%. It can travel 30–40 miles on a single charge, is up to 600% more fuel-efficient than a typical diesel or CNG bus, and produces 44% less carbon than CNG.

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