No surprises... just a few things you need to know for a smooth ride every time. Airline schedules may change, but rest assured we'll be tracking your flight until landing, and given reasonable time to collect your luggage, we'll be there. (Additional surcharges may apply).

In order to provide you with the best service possible, please be advised of the following policies the next time you choose to Be Driven.

Early morning and late night surcharges are $5 per half hour before 6am and after 11pm, not to exceed $20 before 4:30am and after 12:30am. On arrivals, surcharges are calculated from the time the passenger is on board.

Passengers will be charged the full fare for cancellations within 12 hours.

Changes made to the reservation that were not included in the prepaid fare may be subject to additional charges.

Waiting will be charged at a rate of $25 per hour after one hour from your flight arrival time.

Lost luggage: 
In the event of lost luggage please be sure to contact a Be Driven representative by phone on 1 800 Be Driven (233-7483) prior to reporting your lost luggage. Should you choose to wait or experience any delay due to lost luggage, waiting time will apply.

Extra stops: 
Extra stops are $5 per stop in the same town and $10 per stop in a different town.

Red eye arrivals:
When booking red eye arrivals please be careful to specify your Be Driven pick up date and not your departure date on your airline ticket. Refunds will not be issued for incorrect dates booked and confirmed.

Black Falcon pickups:
If you cannot locate your drive, immediately phone 1-800-BEDRIVEN.  A Be Driven agent is always ready assist you.