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Tips for Saving: Spending Less On University Transportation Services

University students are always on a tight budget and want to save money wherever they can. This includes transportation to and from the university campus. Many students move away from their dorm rooms and find alternative housing off-campus. While that can prove to be a more affordable option, it does lead to a commute. Driving your car to the campus daily can be expensive and public transportation can be exhausting and unreliable. At Be Driven, we recommend you consider the money saving tips listed below.


Tips for Hiring a Limo Service in Boston

Limos are an ideal form of transport if you want to make the occasion special. There’s just something about the luxury and class of a limo that can make even a single trip down a few blocks seem special. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes that can ruin their experience when they hire a Boston limo service. At Be Driven, we recommend that you consider the tips mentioned below if you plan to order a limo in the future.


The Best Occasions to Hire a Town Car Service in Boston

Town cars are a very convenient way to drop people off to the airport or escort important business visitors around in your city. At Be Driven, we believe that town cars can be used on many different occasions where you need a comfortable ride and an experienced driver. Here are some examples of when you can use the town car instead of driving on your own:


Advantages of Traveling by Coach Charter Bus

Making travel arrangements can be a nightmare, especially if you intend to travel in groups. You’re forced to find a vehicle that would accommodate a large number of people or manage different cars and different drivers. At Be Driven, we believe that it’s better to hire a coach charter service in Boston than to bear all of this stress. Here are some of the advantages of traveling by a coach charter bus.


Why Hiring Boston Limo Services for your Prom Night is a Great Idea

Your prom is one of the most memorable events of your life. No matter how old you get and how many other wonderful experiences you’ve had, you’ll always have a special fondness in your heart for prom night. That’s why you should make the event extra special for yourself, your date, and your friends by hiring Boston limo service. At Be Driven, we believe that there are several valid reasons limos are worth the expense and here are some of them:

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