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A Tour through History: Historic Sites to Visit in the North Shore Tours

Boston has a rich history and some of the most important events in the past have taken place in and around this charming city. There are several historical sites that are worth visiting and exploring around the city, particularly at the North Shore. At Be Driven, we recommend visiting the sites mentioned below as they’re interesting and educational.

1. New England Pirate Museum

Who doesn’t like pirates? Modern entertainment has reawakened interest in these outlaws and everyone, regardless of their age, loves a good pirate story. The New England Pirate Museum is an excellent place to visit during your North Shore tours, especially if you have children. You can see real pirate treasure and artefacts and explore their history. The New England region was home to many pirates in the past so there are many stories to tell.

2. Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch trials are a dark period in the history of New England when many innocent people suffered due to prejudice and paranoia. This is one of the most legitimate sites in Salem so if you want to visit a place that offers honest and well-researched information about the trails and the people involved, you should visit this museum. You’ll understand a lot about this period in history if you do.

3. Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial

Fishing is a major industry in the New England and North Atlantic region and many people make their living through this job. Unfortunately, fishing is very risky, especially in the rough North Atlantic seas and many fishermen in Gloucester have lost their lives at sea. This memorial honors them and their day to day struggle to bring in the best seafood for local residents and restaurants.

4. Cushing House Museum & Garden

If you’re interested in books and great art, you should visit the Cushing House Museum and Garden. It’s a very popular tourist attraction and is often a part of North Shore tours. You’ll have access to papers and books from Newburyport’s history and will be able to see several great art pieces.

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