03 Oct

4 Benefits of Providing Corporate Shuttle in Boston

Corporate shuttles are a common sight on Boston streets. They are increasingly becoming the chosen form of transport for company employees. Various institutions and companies are now opting for this mode of transportation. We at Be Driven have put together a list of 4 benefits of providing corporate shuttle in Boston for employee travel:

  • Higher productivity levels- Driving and dealing with traffic jams while on the way to work can get tedious and it impacts your employee’s productivity as it takes them longer to get into work mode, once they reach the office. However, when your employees use a shuttle service to travel to work, it gives them some time to plan for their work day.

They may use this time to check and respond to emails, read some online news or even just relax a bit while they are being driven to work. In addition to this, research has proved that using a shuttle can help reduce various health issues related to driving and dealing with traffic conditions.

  • Helps in retaining and recruiting employees-  When you provide shuttle services to employees in your company, it becomes a major incentive for them to continue working for you. This is because they save on vehicle and fuel expenses and are less stressed when they get to work. It’s also a great incentive to attract new talent to your company.
  • Cost saving for the company- Offering a corporate shuttle in Boston service for your employees also helps you save some money on adding new parking spaces or expending mileage. You may also be eligible for certain tax benefits when you offer your employees commuter benefit programs.
  • Employee satisfaction- Most companies that feature on “Best places to Work” lists offer corporate shuttle in Boston

In addition to all these benefits, a shuttle service also helps reduce the carbon footprint of your employees as it helps save a significant amount of fuel on individual vehicles. To know more about the excellent corporate shuttle in Boston services we offer, feel free to contact Be Driven at this number-1 800 233 7483.  Simply fill out this contact us form and our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. 

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