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Tips for Hiring a Limo Service in Boston

Limos are an ideal form of transport if you want to make the occasion special. There’s just something about the luxury and class of a limo that can make even a single trip down a few blocks seem special. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes that can ruin their experience when they hire a Boston limo service. At Be Driven, we recommend that you consider the tips mentioned below if you plan to order a limo in the future.


1. Make the Reservations in Advance

People are always surprised when they find that limos aren’t available on their requested date, especially if they try to hire a limo service in Boston just a few days before the event. Limo companies know how to keep all of their cars engaged so they’re not sitting idle in the lot. If you want to hire a good limo service, we recommend you book several months, or weeks at least, in advance.

2. Provide Details

If you provide details, the limo company can make arrangements accordingly. For example, if you want to hire a limo for your theme wedding, you should let the company know such theme as they’ll decorate the car accordingly and make it extra special.

3. Food and Drinks

Limo companies typically offer food and drinks along with the car. Some will even offer champagne or wines to add to the celebratory mood. It’s a good idea to check what’s on the food and drinks menu and state your preferences regarding the matter clearly.

4. Look at the Fees Carefully

This is one of the most common mistakes clients make when they hire a limo service in Boston. They don’t understand or compare the pricing structure and are surprised by the final invoice. We recommend that you study the pricing structure carefully and ask questions if you have any doubts. This will ensure that you have the right budget for the ride.

5. Plan the Route

You should inform the rental company about the route you plan to take in advance. This will help them plan and provide a proper estimate. If you intend to deviate from the shortest route and take the more scenic road, you should inform the company.

To know about our limo service in Boston, you can contact us at Be Driven. Just fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you require an immediate response, give us a call at 1 800 233 7483.

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