15 Apr

The Trend of Hiring Employee Commuter for Office Staff

Did you know that tardy employees can affect the overall productivity of your business and reduce the efficiency of other workers? The good news is, there is a solution to prevent or minimize the chances of your employees to be late for work, and that is to hire a commuter shuttle for them.

Employers have the option to arrange a commuter shuttle service for their office staff. In fact, this program is encouraged by the federal government. Employers in the United States may provide two types of qualified transportation benefits to their employers, and vanpooling is one of them. Vanpooling is a type of transit system similar to carpooling, except that it can handle a larger group of people. As an employer, you can arrange a commuter service that is suitable for the number of employees who would like to participate in the program.

Commuter benefits were initially meant to provide tax incentives to employees, so they can be urged to use mass transportation to improve air quality and reduce road congestion. Privately operated transit services are an eligible expense for the transit, as long as the service meets certain requirements such as seating capacity for six employees, plus the driver. At least half of the seats must be used.

Implementing this type of commuter program in your workplace provides employees a way to reduce their commuting costs. Moreover, it may enhance your benefits package and allow you to attract more qualified workers. You can reduce your office's carbon footprint, too. You can learn more about a commuter shuttle service by requesting a quote from a Boston commuter shuttle service provider. High-quality commuter shuttles even have Wi-Fi on board for the ultimate comfort and convenience of your employees.

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