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Commuter Shuttle Transportation for Employees – Benefits

Providing convenient shuttle transportation for employees can give your business a competitive edge in the market. Realizing the numerous benefits of this program, more and more businesses across all industries have begun to provide this amenity to their employees. Although offering transportation does increase the burden on your company’s finances, the tangible benefits you obtain are worth the costs.

Lower absenteeism

Companies that offer a commuter shuttle service for their employees record lower absenteeism. Commuting through the traffic of modern cities is a hassle that nobody likes to face. So, when you provide an alternative, employees are more likely to come to the office even on days when they feel low.

Greater employee productivity

By providing commuter shuttle service, you take considerable stress off your employees in addition to helping them optimize their time. Since employees no longer need to drive to work, they can spend the commuting time to relax, check emails, and prepare their day’s schedule.

By the time they arrive at work, they are all charged up and throw themselves into work immediately. On the contrary, employees who drive to work need around half an hour to settle down, recover from the stress of driving through the traffic before focusing completely on work.

Better employee wellbeing

In the long term, shuttle service ensures the well-being of employees because it reduces their stress every day. It keeps employees healthy. According to a recent article published in TIME magazine, driving to work every day increases blood sugar level, cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of depression and anxiety, sleeping disorders, irritation, and cardiovascular risks.

Additionally, it gives rise to problems such as backaches and other musculoskeletal problems. You can help your employees avoid all these risks by providing commuter shuttle service.

Money saving

Providing transportation service can save your money in several ways. For one, your employees don’t fall sick very often and hence, you save on employee health insurance. Secondly, providing commuter shuttle is cheaper than reimbursing fuel costs and travel expenses for employees. Thirdly, you don’t have to buy or rent parking space for your employees’ vehicles. Fourthly, you get some tax benefits as well.


Employees are more likely to remain in your company when you provide commuter shuttles because the facility is truly convenient. Considering how difficult it is in today’s competitive market to retain good employees, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity that helps you keep good talent. What’s more is that you can use the commuter shuttle transportation as an incentive to attract new employees as well.

When employees travel to work together, they bond better, have stronger team spirit, and develop a stronger feeling of oneness. The overall productivity of your company increases substantially.

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