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It’s Free! Things to Do in Boston North Shore

You don’t always need to shell out hundreds of dollars to have fun in and around Boston. In fact, if you just head a few miles towards the north, you’ll find yourself at North Shore. This area in abundant in natural and architectural beauty and there are plenty of activities to do here without spending a single cent!

At Be Driven, we provide comprehensive North Shore tours to both tourists and locals, and everybody seems to enjoy the tours. Here are some things that you shouldn’t miss when you’re there.


Safety First – Types of Medical Transportation

It’s not easy to visit your doctor when you’re ill, recovering from a surgery, or undergoing physical therapy. Your body isn’t fit to drive or travel in public transport but you can’t really avoid the appointment. You need to make alternative arrangements that’ll take you safely to the medical care facility and bring you back home after your appointment. Thankfully, there are some options available to you, including:


3 Tips for Saving Money on College Transportation

Student life isn’t easy. Almost everyone struggles under the burden of student loans and has to juggle jobs and education at the same time. Students often look for ways to cut corners and save money and one way to do that is to cut down on costs of the daily commute. At Be Driven, we offer excellent college transportation services and believe that you can save a lot of money by just planning and compromising a little bit. Here’s what you can do:


The Best Transportation Method According to Your Medical Needs

If you’re ill or recovering from injuries and medical procedures, you might need to visit a doctor several times. In such cases, you need reliable transportation but that’s not always easy to arrange. Most patients end up relying on their friends or relatives to drive them around. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most convenient arrangement.

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