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Interesting Activities in Fort Point

Fort Point is considered an up-and-coming neighborhood and attracts considerable amount of attention from locals and tourists alike. It’s a wonderful place to visit, especially if you want to spend a day just relaxing and exploring the area. It’s easy accessible with bus, cabs, or Fort Point shuttle. At Be Driven, we encourage our customers and tourists to explore this area if they want to explore the local food, culture, and atmosphere. Here are some interesting activities to try in Fort Point:


The Fastest Way: How to get to Fenway Park

If you’re a Red Sox fan, you should visit Fenway Park at least once in your life. The large baseball stadium was build way back in 1912 so the structure has been around for over 200 years now. It has the capacity to accommodate a little over 37,000 people and usually is fully packed during high profile games. Fenway is located in the middle of Boston so it’s very easy to reach through different transport mediums. At Be Driven, we believe that private Fenway Park transportation is the best way to go. Here are some options available to you:


Top 3 Places to Visit in Boston

Boston is a historic, iconic city with a lot to see and enjoy. Millions of tourists flock towards in every year to explore the monuments, culture, food, and drinks. It’s very easy to get around and explore the city because all you need to do is hire tourist bus services in Boston. It’ll take you to all noteworthy sites and you won’t have to worry about the routes and traffic. Here are some great places to explore and things to do in Boston.

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