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Top Four Activities to Do in North Shore

North Shore in Massachusetts falls on the New England Coasting Region and is a great place to visit. The area has several little towns that are fascinating to visit. It’s a place that an entire family can enjoy. You just need someone familiar with the areas to guide you through it. You can rely on Be Driven for that. We have conducted North Shore tours for several years now and know how to navigate the area like the back of our hand. Here’s a list of thing you can do when you visit this place.

1 – Eat In a Lighthouse

Nothing can quite beat the experience of having dinner or lunch at the top of a lighthouse and North Shore is the only place in America you can experience it. There’s a dinner table at the top of the Newburyport Rear Range Light, which is located in Newburyport. To enjoy food there, all you need to do is contribute $350 to the Lighthouse Preservation Society. You can then enjoy stunning views and a once in a lifetime experience.

2 – Watermelon Beer

Have you ever heard of a beer made from watermelons? Well, it does exist. You can enjoy a glass on our North Shore tours. Apparently, every batch of the watermelon ale contains about 500 pounds of watermelon. The drink is light, refreshing, and not something that you would ever forget anytime soon.

3 – Try the Singing Beach

At Manchester-by-the-sea located in Massachusetts, there’s a beach with the unusual name of Singing Beach. The story behind the name is even more intriguing. When you walk on this beach, the sand squeaks under your feet. While that’s not the most musical sound, it does have an amusing effect. Most people on our North Shore tours want to experience the Singing Beach at least once.

4 – Shop for Vintage Jewelry

Along Route 133 in Essex, you’ll find a string of antique shops that would turn anyone into a shopaholic.  There are about 30 antique stores that sell everything from jewelry to books and collectibles.  

To know more about the North Shore tours, you can contact us at Be Driven. Just fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you require an immediate response, give us a call at 1 800 233 7483. We’ll be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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