18 Feb

Hiring the Best Type of Limo for the Occasion

Limos have long been the vehicle used on special occasions. They’re often used in weddings, important birthdays, proms, etc. and are a mark of celebration and class. People hire limos because they want to travel in luxury and because they want to be pampered and indulged. However, most are unaware that there are different kinds of limos available for hire.

At Be Driven, we’ve noticed that several of our clients want to do something unique and different. When they ask us for advice, we often recommend that they try different kinds of limos. You can use different limos for different occasions. Here’s are some suggestions.

The Classic Limo

These limos look elegant and sophisticated. They wear their age well and can be very charming. These vehicles offer an old school kind of luxury to any event. They are a representation of class, elegance, and style. They’re often used in formal events like weddings.

We don’t recommend getting a classic limousine in Boston for things like birthday parties or even bachelor parties. One would say that there’s something slightly different about this limo that ensures that people only hire it for very formal and special occasions. You get limos of different colors, built, and brands in this category.

The Stretch Limo

This is the vehicle that most people hire and it’s the most recognizable limo in Boston. While this one is slowly going out of style, it’s one of the most rented vehicles in the industry. It can be used for everything from dates to weddings. Some people also use them to transport special guests or important clients.

Convertible Limos

Yes, it’s a little difficult to put convertibles and limos together in one sentence. However, such vehicles do exist. And while you might not use them during the colder months, they can be ideal for summer. These are rare limos in Boston as the climate here is cold for the better part of the year. Convertible limos are often found in warm, sunny regions.

Sedan Limos

These vehicles are discreet and unstated but they’re also unmistakably luxurious. They look like sedans and are often used to transport customers, pick important people up at airports, etc.

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